Did they get stimulus money?

Found this link to a new “diversity training” offensive at SUNY New Paltz courtesy of a group from SUNY Cortland.

Translating “diversity training” from the original Gramscian: “We’re replacing your values with ours.” Or trying to, anyway.

Love this line:

With the goal of preparing college students for an increasingly multiracial, multiethnic and multilingual world,

The literal meaning of that is that the number of races, ethnicities, and languages in the world is on the increase. That would indeed be terrific news, or so one would think, for the multiculturalists. Unfortunately, the number of languages and even indigenous cultures in the world is decreasing.

What they really mean, however, is that American pluralism isn’t good enough and all-bad “White (male) culture” (meaning, aside from the obvious, anything that doesn’t show an immediate reflection of the diversity mongers confused values) must be subordinated to non-Western cultures and, well, to women. Well, no, not just women, but feminists. Well, no, not feminists, but a particular type of feminist and their differently gendered friends.

If you follow the internal link back to SUNY Cortland’s “Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies,” you’ll see that this bold offensive dissolves in the usual evanescent gibberish.

This stuff gets forced on people at American universities. Here in New Paltz it has rolled down from the campus as Kultursmog and scents the atmosphere like a sticky lavender air freshener that makes you gag and leaves a residue on every surface, most conspicuously the surfaces of conversations and assorted discourse.

Fortunately, I’ve had my own “diversity training” that incorporated both strategic and tactical lessons for dealing with the loathsome effects of diversity training.

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