“A society of children cannot survive”

Mark Steyn:

Big government depends, in large part, on going around the country stirring up apathy — creating the sense that problems are so big, so complex, so intractable that even attempting to think about them for yourself gives you such a splitting headache it’s easier to shrug and accept as given the proposition that only government can deal with them.

Steyn’s primary topic today is seemingly health care, but what he’s actually doing is prying up the floor boards of that, and havin’ a look:

In England, the ground ceded to the worst sociopathic pathologies advances every day — and the latest report on “the seven evils” afflicting an ever more unlovely land blames “poverty” and “individualism,” failing to understand that if you remove the burdens of individual responsibility while loosening all restraint on individual hedonism the vaporization of the public space is all but inevitable.

Moving quickly from Steyn to throw his vital insight (read his whole piece, please) over the local sphere here in New Paltz, make sure you watch any stray replays of the most recent New Patlz school board meeting. They’re not bearing up well under the punishment delivered upon them by last year’s board election. But they deserved it, and that’s what I told people at the time.

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