The gasbag’s gasbag

It’s John Kerry, of course.

He’s still upset that his former fellow Swift Boat officers, pretty much in unison, said he was Unfit for Command.

Speaking of, and in defense of, the Swift Boat vets, I first saw them on C-SPAN at a press conference they held in D.C. long before they became controversial, and they impressed me as a great bunch of guys. You know, older men who had been coaching little league, running the grill at church picnics, raising families, and not asking for any special recognition, who found the very idea of John Kerry being President of the United States as an absolutely unbearable thing to contemplate.

Naturally, I quite agreed with them. They had seen him in action in Vietnam. I had seen him in action on Meet the Press and other talk shows. And I flatly said that no matter how close he got, the American people would not make him president.

And Kerry shows up routinely enough, seemingly for the express purpose of demonstrating why that was so.

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