New Paltz fireman Scott Schulte called me “an anonymous right-wing blogger”

Actually, Captain Schulte, you can always write directly to me, via the contact email in the right hand column on the main page here, which you can reach by clicking on “New Paltz Journal” at the top of any post.

I almost always write back.

Your guest editorial in the New Paltz Times (5/28/09) mixes your frustration over the budget and funding of the fire department with your bad reaction to some remarks made by village trustee Shari Osborn.

My earlier comments here were not about the budget and funding for the fire department. They were about understanding that the department and Osborn have more to gain from the better angels of each others nature than from a political shitstorm you should have no part in. The people who are fanning your flames will drop you like a hot potato when they’ve gotten what they want from you.

Now, my appeal to your better angels was answered in your comment to Terry Dungan, the mayor. You wrote to him, “You should…take a look at this gentleman’s blog and consider who you are aligning yourself with.”

What are you referring to? Is a conservative point of view unsettling to you? Because you sound like a pretty conservative individual yourself.

Perhaps you might want to think again about who you are aligning yourself with. I live in New Paltz. I respect what you do. Why would you attack me for urging you to essentially forgive Ms. Osborn for her remarks and help her get on the same page with you?

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