A word to New Paltz volunteer firefighters about trustee Shari Osborn

First, before I get to Osborn, let me say that I don’t think that anyone with a sane perspective fails to appreciate your service to the New Paltz community. No one. Many might take it for granted, but then we humans take so much for granted, including too often the love of our own parents, that you should be neither surprised nor deflated in your honorable pursuit on that basis.

Given a moment to think about it, everyone understands and appreciates the dedication of the volunteer firefighters of New Paltz.

Now, about Shari Osborn. I pay a lot of attention to the village government. Trustee Osborn talks a lot and tends to express out loud things that she might want to keep to herself and submit to careful reflection before announcing them.

But here is the thing about her that makes her exactly the kind of person you should appreciate. Just like you, at the end of the day, Shari Osborn wants to and tries to do the right thing. She wants to get it right. She wants to do right by the people and things she represents.

That is not as common a trait as most of us would like to think.

My recommendation is that you cut back on your indignation by about 90%. Cut Osborn some slack. You will find her, naturally, an ally and a friend. And not because you have intimidated her.

Please, do not allow your fine firefighting outfit to be politicized from within or without, or used for political purposes. If you are getting into an “Us vs. Them” state of mind, it’s wrong. There is no “Them” who stand against you. That includes Osborn.

First, be gentlemen. Your own honor is too important to take a minor insult and blow it out of proportion.

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