It was Obama’s power handshake with Hugo Chavez…

…that cemented it for me.

When I saw that, I immediately settled on the whole structure of this thing. To put it in terms of quantum mechanics: the observation of that collapsed the Obama wave function.

That power handshake was also a handjob for Fidel Castro, by the way. But so much more than even that.

If you don’t understand that, then you no doubt finished the formation of your political comprehension while at an American university.

And it was no coincidence, in my opinion, that it was during that same week that the report from the Department of Homeland Security was leaked naming returning Iraq vets and conservatives as potential terrorist suspects.

Here’s another one from the “no one knew” department: “black liberation theology” is based on the Marxist “liberation theologies” developed in Latin America. Jeremiah Wright has told you that much if you paid any attention to him. Do you actually believe that it was mere happenstance, just an accident of, say, life in Chicago, that Barack Obama spent his adult life in a black liberation theology church? And, oh, that it had nothing to do with the formation of his politics?

“Just get the power, Barack.”

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