100 Days: A Marxist takeover by Leftist slobs

My milestone marker for the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in the culture of American politics was the mainstreaming of James Carville by the Clintons. In previous times, if they needed the help of a thing like that, politicians had the good sense to keep it in a windowless basement office. The Clintons, however, were not politicians as we’ve come to know them, and they quite consciously put out a freak show to keep their dog packs slavering.

When Bill was asked the question about whether he wore boxers or briefs I thought the right answer was, “I don’t change them that often to recall right off.” He always struck me as a filthy pig of a man, well before we found out about him waving his prong at the young woman back in the Little Rock hotel room and demanding that she “kiss it.” It was Carville, of course, who went out rather directly to call the young woman “trailer park trash.” Had he only aspired to such lofty social status himself.

Clinton’s cult of personality waved it all off, still does. Now it’s just old news. “Don’t dwell in the past.” Well, I’m sorry to say, the past is all the prologue we’ve got.

Obama rounded the curve and sped past the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in American politics way back in the campaign. All along that campaign way it was clear to me that he made the Clintons and James Carville look like the front porch crowd at Maggie’s Rest Home.

Belong your adult life to the black equivalent of a Klan-based Christian Identity church? No problem. Just pretend you’re shocked when the stuff you’ve been listening to for twenty years goes mainstream and say you never heard it. You only went to the Klan rallies because your uncle ran them, but you certainly never set any of the crosses on fire.

A little lying is a part of political life in America. The Clintons saw that normative political lying and raised it a house of lies. Obama has pushed reality itself into the pot, along with the United States of America. Does he have any cards?

Of course not. For starters, this administration doesn’t even qualify as a television reality show. It doesn’t have the bona fides for that. This is a make it up as you go along Marxist takeover by Leftist slobs. My guess on boxers or briefs for this administration is: neither.

Obama is a card table huckster who has drawn in the media as his crowd of intellectually vain, and null, marks. He gives phoniness a bad name. He’s a white man from Hawaii with black skin who took up being black at college and has American blacks suckered with a “be like me” romance that will do them less good than the last time white liberals helped them into social disintegration. Free cash and prizes will not put the black family together again, not with 70% of black kids now being born outside of marriage.

Let me tell American blacks the truth about Obama: he doesn’t care about you anymore than Jeremiah Wright cared about the poor deluded congregants at his church in Chicago. America is your country, and as Obama brings it to ruin it will be ruined for you too. White liberals long ago laid in the policies that brought your families into despair, and then convinced you that “those other white people” did it to you. Well, wake up and smell the fucking coffee already. The Obamas know better than to send their kids to the schools they expect you to sacrifice your kids to, and it will never be otherwise.

Identity politics is the prison of the infantilized. Obama is himself an infantilized brahmin, with all the characteristic narcissism required to see all his works as spun gold. But that’s the characteristic of everyday liberalism, and this is no everyday liberalism. This is liberalism with mask off, with lies flowing too cheap to meter, with its homicidal heart beating out of its chest, with creepiness the air it breathes and marked cards in every deal.

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