Specter and Republican fecklessness

My comments at McQ’s place on this Specter business:

It’s too bad no one has time to pick apart Specter’s statements today. They were pretty hilarious. I only heard them because the remote was out of reach.

Republicans don’t need Specter. What they need are candidates and leaders who know how to talk seriously and clearly about issues from a Republican perspective, which is about the superiority of entrepreneurial capitalism, the imperative of sound national defense, and the foundational necessity of traditional Western cultural values.

The Democratic Party is on the wrong side in every instance and will destroy the country if they run off with the government, which they appear to be doing, at least in the near to mid-term.

They’ve already succeeded in destroying the black family, with 70% of black children now born outside of marriage. And they’re working on everybody else: hispanics are just past 50%; whites are closing in on one-third.

Focus on getting people to understand the corrosive, stinking, destructive impact of these three things in American society: the teachers union’s control of public education, the liberal media bias against America itself, the universities as petri dishes of intellectual and cultural decay.

If the Republicans cannot take the battle into those arenas and defeat the Left on its territory, the Left will walk away with the culture, the politics, and the fate of the United States. We won’t be talking about just a “post-American world,” we’ll be talking about a “post-American America.”

That’s where the battles are and what the war is about.

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