On keen appetites

Barbara Key reviewing Jamie Glazov’s book:

In The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn noted that Shakespeare’s evildoers were content to commit only a handful of murders. They stop killing, Solzhenitsyn explained, because “they have no ideology.”

This pithy observation succinctly distinguishes Macbeth from mass executioners Stalin, Mao, Che and Saddam. But what explains the curious fact that intellectuals can apply critical thinking to the study of Shakespeare’s murderers, while ideological massacrists inspire — in leftists — the very opposite: a lapse in critical thinking so egregious that it amounts to a pathology?

Beck linked that and caught this line:

Historical circumstances may differ, but Glazov asserts that wherever “believers” in a salvational ideology congregate, you will find a keen appetite for revolutionary bloodletting:

“The less brutal an ideology is, the less interest the average believer has in it … [T]he fellow travellers always flocked to communist regimes in largest numbers when the mass murder had reached a peak — Stalin’s terror, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot’s killing fields.”

One of my favorite all-time lies from the Left is that “no one knew” about the mass murder Stalin inflicted on Ukraine with the terror famine of 1931. Malcolm Muggeridge and Robert Conquest straightened that out with the truth. Stalin had murdered more people than Hitler would before the little German creep had even come to power, and Stalin never stopped murdering.

Anyway, I caught a comment today or yesterday at a blog from someone who wrote, approximately, “the world goes crazy every seven or eight decades and we’re about ready for another round of that.”

Yeah, well, I have a feeling that we’re also in for a heapin’ helpin’ of “no one knew,” too.

That Obama has already become pornography for Pravdaites like Joe Klein and Chris Matthews to jerk each other off over (I viewed some of that with disbelief trying to fall asleep last night) suggests to me believers in a “salvational ideology” are a congregatin’, fast and faster.

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