“An Upside-Down World”

The British writer Nick Cohen is confused (and I use that word carefully) by what he is seeing in the U.K., which is an alliance between the Left and Islamic fascism together with the mainstreaming of hard anti-American sentiments. It’s an interesting piece, but it doesn’t make anything clear aside from Cohen’s confusion.

For instance, he blames some of the mainstream shift to anti-Americanism on “President Bush’s failure,” but how great, exactly, is Bush’s supposed “failure”? He didn’t invest the U.K. with its disastrous multiculturalism. Likewise, Bush did not open the U.K. up to mass immigration from Islamic countries. Nor does the very minor major war in Iraq represent, as wars go, even a blip on the historical radar screen. So, Cohen would best look elsewhere for explanations — the fade-out of British and European identity, for instance.

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