A bad day at ugly rock

In the piece linked and quoted below, Victor Davis Hanson is like a baseball pitcher going to the mound in the first inning and finding that he’s throwing Nolan Ryan fastballs, everything up around 100 mph, but he’s not satisfied with strikes, or strikeouts. He’s throwing at the batters’ heads.

Just a few select lines:

We have no media — at least as we once knew it. Somewhere in late 2007, it disappeared entirely, and became something akin to the old Pravda, or the livelier Baghdad Bob’s broadcasts, or the rants of Lord Haw-Haw.
The front pages of the New York Times or Washington Post are op-eds in thin disguise. The faculty of the Columbia School of Journalism is not objective. We live in an age of affluent, rather inbred ironists who punch in at the Ministry of Truth[.]
Now we have those in Congress talking about saving the newspapers by making them “non-profit,” tax-free entities that will drop political endorsements!… A quasi-public print media will become even more incompetent. Think a very big DMV newsletter.
We are trying to ossify American society at about 1965 in the age of LBJ, as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid prove to be the most reactionary politicians in a half-century.
We sadly assume that the higher one’s office in the university — full professor to dean to provost to president — the more likely one has mastered doublespeak… The odd thing is that those who excel at all this don’t even seem happy about it. They are empty suits, proverbial ‘hollow men’ without belief who have about as much self-respect for their habitual falsity as the Wall Street guy at AIG who assures his investors his company’s liability is manageable.
I don’t know quite what the allure of Europe is for the American Left. But it seems to be that more of us will soon all be working for the government, habitually striking, hunting out that rare capitalist in hiding for a shake-down, and bitching over our weary 35 hr. work week… A Dutch friend once asked me why we Americans work 2-3 jobs. I replied to leave something better for our children than what we inherited. He answered, “But why? They will be taken care of by the state.”

The thunderstorm passing through here (literally) is about to shut me down, I think. So I’ll post this without further comment. Not that any is required.

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