Five great living black Americans

February is black history month, so here we recognize five great living black Americans:

Thomas Sowell is one of the great economists, philosophers, and writers in contemporary America. His columns can be found here. His books can be purchased here.


Willie Mays redefined the game of baseball to a level that very few players can match. Forget about the 660 home runs for moment; if you’re lucky, you can catch a film clip on one of the sports networks of Willie running the bases. That’s it, just running the bases. Nobody did that with the utter abandon of Willie Mays.


Denzel Washington is the great black actor. He’s no black man trying to be a white man, yet he can do any role without playing out of stereotypes.


Condoleeza Rice is the first black woman to be Secretary of State of the United States, a job held by Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner, John Quincy Adams, and Colin Powell.


B.B. King is the master of the blues whose music resonates throughout the American soul.

b.b. king

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