“It’s the revolutionary violence, stupid”

No one I know has been more precise in his portrayal of the implicit violence of socialism than my friend Billy Beck. Here he again illustrates that method of violence, by reversing the equation and showing the implications for the socialist advocate who comes to the door without the government’s gun.

Government violence against individuals does not require an immediate act of violence. Armed robberies feature implicit violence but they too can go off without a hitch if everyone just cooperates.

But a truly massive seizure of wealth and power by the government is no ordinary armed robbery. It’s revolutionary violence, with the unleashed mob entering individual lives for the purpose of taking their property, whether as a current taking or a future obligation to pay up, with “Tanya’s” gun in your face. If “Tanya” happens to be the Speaker of the House at the moment, well, then, aren’t we all honored to have her violence done to us.

And she’ll never have to break your knees, if you pay regularly every Friday.

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