“See No Evil”

I don’t generally read the New York Times editorial pages, including the op-eds and the regular columnists. I just can’t afford it. Take someone like Paul Krugman or Bob Herbert seriously enough to bother with their columns and the next thing you know you’ll be reading Frank Rich. Yes, yes, Krugman is a brilliant economist and he just won the bloody Nobel prize. How could I not pay close attention to his everyday political views. Maybe it has something to do with the odd, sweaty, shifty-eyed corruption of those views. I don’t know for sure.

So it’s not just a coincidence that with all the reading I do that I managed to miss Roger Cohen’s piece on the Times op-ed page yesterday.

James Taranto didn’t miss it though, and I commend to you his top item today on Cohen’s piece as a vital lesson in something I don’t have a name for yet, but perhaps you’ll think of one for it. “See No Evil” doesn’t quite capture it.

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