Palladia opts out of New Paltz

Here’s the Times-Herald Record report on Palladia, Inc. withdrawing its proposal to build “affordable housing” in New Paltz.

And a good thing, too. The project was riddled with BS from the start, with every local official involved pretending not to know that Palladia wasn’t a qualified developer but rather a non-profit social services agency from New York City. Palladia’s sole line of work has been to help people in a whole lotta trouble, with drugs and the criminal justice system, for instance. It has no experience as a developer or manager of “affordable housing.”

Why Palladia was interested in New Paltz is a matter of controversy, but the village board played the whole thing without a word about what Palladia actually does. The silence prevailed until some in the local community woke up and started asking questions. (We reported earlier this month on the public hearing on the zoning change needed to shoehorn Palladia into the village core business district.)

The New Paltz Times, seemingly duty bound to be the board’s stenographer, as opposed to doing actual reporting, never bothered to mention Palladia’s area of expertise either, even after it was discussed publically. That’s par for the course at the Times, where coverage of the mayor and board resembles that of a public relations firm servicing a client as opposed to a serious newspaper.

One of the more amusing moments of cognitive dissonance came when Jason West made an appearance on the SUNY-New Paltz campus to lend his support to the student leaders who had been suspended.

There he stood, addressing a small crowd of students, telling them that they were every bit as much his constituents as anyone else in the village (especially on election day, no doubt). Yet the Palladia project, which he promoted with great enthusiasm, would not have allowed students to rent any of its apartments. I guess, then, that students really are not every bit as much his constituents as anyone else in the village (except on election day, of course).

Hat tip to WikiPaltz for the Times-Herald Record link.

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