Peace, baby, peace

Mark Steyn:

In the Swat Valley, where a young Winston Churchill once served with the Malakand Field Force battling Muslim insurgents, his successors have concluded the game isn’t worth the candle. In return for a temporary ceasefire, the Pakistani government agreed to let the local franchise of the Taliban impose its industrial strength version of sharia across the whole of Malakand Region. If “region” sounds a bit of an imprecise term, Malakand has over five million people, all of whom are now living under a murderous theocracy. Still, peace rallies have broken out all over the Swat Valley, and, at a Swat peace rally, it helps to stand well back: As one headline put it, “Journalist Killed While Covering Peace Rally.”

Pakistan is the new Germany (of the 1930s). The U.K. is the new Rhineland. The rest of Europe is Czechoslovakia, with the exception that France is still, regretably, France.

And the U.S.? What will the U.S. do? My guess is that the first thing on the Change agenda is to continue forward in the FDR tradition and recognize the Soviet Union, except that this time the Soviet Union isn’t superimposed on the Russian empire but on that middle country in North America.

No worry though, because American students have been carefully trained not to be able to even find North America on a map of North America. And they’re all “citizens of the world” now anyway.

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