But Americans without memory, or experience, will miss the irony

Victor Davis Hanson opens the historical door and Obama falls right through it:

We have seen irony before, when the moralist Jimmy Carter chastised us with sermons about our paranoid, inordinate fear of Communism and our amoral unconcern with human rights, even as the dividends of his policies were the Soviets in Afghanistan and the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran — and even greater global misery than before.

For the last 24 months a youthful Barack Obama has daily offered unspecified “hope and change” idealism — all set against the supposed cynical wrongdoing of the tired Bush administration. In the unhinged manner in which his supporters turned a center-right president like George Bush into some sort of sinister reactionary, so too they deified a rookie senator as the long-awaited liberal messiah.

How could irony not follow from all that?

Read on. It’s nearly perfect. But my concern continues to be that memory, historical memory, is increasingly corrupted where it isn’t missing altogether, and that the ingredients for a Year Zero contagion are in place. Right here in America. That’s my concern, with apprehension and dread.

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