The ousting of Rod Blagojevich

The Illinois state senate voted yesterday to remove Governor Rod Blagojevich from office, by the unanimous vote of 59-0.

I listened in and out the past few days to Blagojevich defending himself, and to be quite frank I think he showed a lot of psychopathic polish. Liars like that are not made, they are born.

In fact, I found his immediate lying skills to have a brighter shine on them than the grandmaster liar Bill Clinton.

So, how is it that Bill endured his agonies, but Blagojevich did not?

I invite Beck to correct me on this, but Blagojevich neglected to deploy teams of thugs and shitheel lawyers the way Clinton did. Blago also didn’t have anyone of Hillary’s skill back in the control booth calling the shots, literally and figuratively, if I may be so bold.

Although, Blago did go the distance with what he had. Compare his survival time with that of the unlamented Eliot Spitzer, who hit the canvas faster than a club fighter who found himself in a Madison Square Garden undercard bout.

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