Don’t go Booosh

“Booosh,” of course, is the Left’s demonized caricature of George W. Bush, which was blamed for every conceivable wrong that occurred in the world, serving as both a national and international scapegoat.

That’s not what the conservative movement needs to do in return to Barack Obama.

Instead, Obama needs to be seen as no more than a socialist greeter who should be de-symbolized, with his neon unplugged and his glib infomercial rhetoric debunked.

The Cold Civil War in America continues, but Obama need not be treated the way George Bush was.

Instead, conservatives in their powerful alliance of cultural traditionalists, national security advocates, and libertarians should focus on the values they each promote.

They should assault, continuously, the culture of death to which the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress are beholden and committed. Make Planned Parenthood the issue, for instance, as Obama pursues its agenda. Show it for what it is.

On the national security front, discuss the reality of war as it applies to the asymmetrical terrorist threat and dissolve the illusion of “terrorist’s rights.” Terrorists have surrendered all of their rights by engaging in and promoting terrorism: they are active in every moment in the planning and commission of acts of murder. Even in captivity they are accessories to those war crimes.

On the libertarian front, reassert the immediate and essential concept of private property as the basis for freedom, wealth creation, and prosperity. The free enterprise of entrepreneurial capitalism, by creating goods and services, is the means by which prosperity grows. Socialism lost that competition for the simple reason that any central planning has insufficient knowledge of markets–literally does not know enough to read the signals of price and competition. Worse, it has no freedom to act on market signals: it is both paralyzed and seeks to paralyze markets. Socialism is a dead end, which leads to the grotesque inefficiencies of subsidized jobs and subsidized industries.

Barack Obama is no more than a symbolic greeter in the ruinous effort he represents. He is the star of an infomercial that sells a bad product.

Unplug his neon. Reject his glib infomercial.

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