I wasn’t going to begin the push to impeach until right after high noon on January 20, but this damn Obama presidency has really started to drag on a bit. Don’t you think?

I notice a certain strain and lassitude creeping into the demeanors of his supporters. But they can’t blame me: I didn’t vote for him.

There is still some excitement, I suppose, to the idea that someone will shortly be taking control of the national security apparatus of the United States of America who was last year at this time sitting in Pew No. 9 inside Reverend Wright’s Church of Hate.

Sends a thrill up my leg, it does.

Later: I know that it will happen sooner or later, so I’ll report here at the blog when it does. Someone who has done nothing but go on about “Booosh” for years now and who can’t wait for Keith Olbermann to come on every weeknight is going to ask me, with reference to my skepticism about and dislike for Obama, why I’m “so negative and angry.”

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