Gates to stay at DOD

It’s being reported that Robert Gates will be kept on as Secretary of Defense for the first year of the Obama administration.

That’s a smart move.

Un-Change that you can believe in.

The Big Mouth of the campaign shows that he had no great plan for an immediate reformulation of the American defense posture, but that didn’t stop him from clamoring for surrender in Iraq to keep the nutjob base of the Democratic Party swooning through the primaries.

But I think that the nutjobs need not worry about the long run. There’s good reason to believe that Obama will eventually weaken U.S. national security to the point where we’ll be incapable of serving as the status quo superpower (i.e., able to intervene against serious breaches of international order) and the guarantor of strategic peace.

That relatively small investment, as a percentage of our GDP, in maintaining the capacity for ovewhelming force is a key to successful global trade. An ability to deal with threats before they run out of control is essential to peace and security.

Roughly five generations of liberals have been indoctrinated to believe that the United States is the real threat, however, and at some point Obama’s approach is likely to reflect that attitude.

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