Oh, and by the way: The Iraq War is over

And we won.

Michael Yon, the most intrepid of American journalists in Iraq, makes the case:

THE Iraq War is over.

Flames still burst from various sources and wild cards remain, such as the potential that Muqtada al-Sadr might stomp his feet and encourage his diminished militias to attack us. Yet support for Sadr among Shia is hardly monolithic. In fact, many Shia view him as a simpleton whose influence derives strictly from respect for his father. Others cite the threat from Iran, but the Iranian participation in the fighting here remains overstated.

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but the civil war has completely ended.

I said it a long, long time ago: Civil society is the great army in Iraq.

P.S.: Michael Yon has a good case and the bona fides to make it, but I’ll wait for Gen. David Petraeus to call it before I believe it.

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