Soja says it will be McCain

My old Usenet linemate Mike Soja (a fierce man when after the puck) explains why McCain will snatch victory from the jaws of the Left:

Why? I think that ol’ silent majority is gonna kick it in the pants. The ugliness, the record decibel level of screaming gibberish of the current cycle, encouraged, ghost-written, and amplified by the press, can be traced largely to the nutcase side of things: the screaming socialists, the America-haters, the moron Hollywood “elites”, Keith Olbermann, and the frothing hordes of the lefty internet world. People see that. They know what it is. They’re appalled, and rightfully so. You don’t see ‘em on the evening news saying how appalled they are, but they’ll go behind the curtain and clicky clicky or scribble scribble or punch punch punch and it won’t be for the untested, vague, increasingly-marxist-looking, craziness of it all.

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